WH40K.VN ‘Non-violation of Intellectual Property Guidelines’ Announcement (DISCLAIMER)



WH40K.VN is a personal project, created by fans to serve the fandom of Warhammer 40,000 in Vietnam. We do not represent Games Workshop or any authorized reseller. We also guarantee not to interfere or cause any harm to the authorized resellers’s business. The purpose of this blog is purely for entertainment and sharing of interests. We support the development of the Warhammer community in Vietnam and encourage the use of genuine Games Workshop products.

The content of this blog is monitored by administrators to ensure that it does not misrepresent or cause any violation of the product and trademark/copyrights of Games Workshop (included the Intellectual Property Guidelines), as well as those of its authorized resellers. Furthermore, the blog also operates in compliance with local laws through a properly registered domain name in Vietnam (which has also been approved as not violating Games Workshop’s policy).

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